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Inteview in Revolutionthreesixty

Inteview in Revolutionthreesixty

R. Some feel there is no need to record classical music any more, that it’s all been done before. what do you tell them?

E.L. I feel there will always be a way to express music that has been written on a sheet of paper with a fresh approach, with different colors, different feelings. I don’t know. I tend to avoid categorizing things. I would put it this way: On the one hand there is a tradition where music is written as notes on the paper first. On the other hand, there is another tradition that comes from the application of recording, or improvisation first (electroacoustic, pop, folk whatever). And there are all other   possibilities in between these two traditions. I can’t imagine where all of this will bring us in decades from now with the next levels of development in computers, some other technologies and more sophisticated software. I think it will be pretty amazing in the next few decades or centuries. Music may become more interactive with the listener and may take some new directions by integrating some other unknown aspects of reality. It may take us to a more direct or intuitive organic ways in its expression. We are kind of getting there with the interactive technologies available now but we are not there yet, I think. We are still very far away from the sort of freedom I imagine possible.

 I don’t know what Classical means anymore. If it means History, I’m out of it… But I certainly think you can play an ancient music in a contemporary way.






I just gave an interview that was published in the New York Webzine Revolutionthreesixty.  Many interesting question were asked to me about my personal experience as a professional musician and guitarist in Canada,

Questions were very relevant and made me express some views.

This is one of the Question I was asked; Some feel there is no need to record classical music any more, that it’s all been done before. what do you tell them?”I


Classical Guitar Favourites, Eric Lemieux (VIDEO)

Bonne et excellente nouvelle Année! Voici un tout nouveau vidéo promotionnel qui démontre très bien la couleur et l’intensité du nouveau programme « Musiques choisies pour Guitare » que j’aurai le plaisir de présenter le dimanche 16 février prochain aux Concerts Ponticello dans la municipalité de Aylmer tout près d’Ottawa. Ce spectacle met au programme les musiques virtuoses des Grands Classiques espagnols, brésiliens ainsi que ma propre musique.Vous pourrez y entendre des extraits de pièces telles que Aranjuez, mon Amour et Jeux Interdits.

This video contains a mix of favorite pieces for the Classical Guitar. From the most popular Jeux interdits, Prelude no.1 by Great brazilian composer Heitor Villa-Lobos, Danza Espanola no.5 by Spanish composer Enrique Granados, Aranjuez, mon Amour, a solo version of the very popular Concerto de Aranjuez arranged by the composer Joaquin Rodrigo himself. Also there is the Miller Danse by the well known Spanish composer Manuel De Falla. It also incorporates some on my own Guitar compositions.Produced by Productions Video Qualia. Enjoy!

Eric Lemieux, Stewart Hall Concert 2012

Eric Lemieux, Stewart Hall Concert 2012

Eric Lemieux, photo: André Dumais, 2012

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